December 16. 2013

Budget Deal Shows Momentum is Building for Bipartisan Tax Reform in 2014

A series of recent articles shows that momentum for tax reform is alive and well, with senators and representatives from both sides of the aisle looking to move ahead in 2014. Their urgency is a positive sign: our tax code is broken and filled with outdated rules that penalize American businesses and workers. Let’s make 2014 the year that we modernize our tax code to encourage economic growth, Read more »

December 02. 2013

Which Corporate Taxation for America?

By Laura Tyson, Eric Drabkin and Ken Serwin November 30, 2013 BERKELEY – Corporate tax reform is one of the few issues that garner bipartisan support in a deeply divided US Congress. The current system, all agree, is deeply flawed: the corporate tax rate is too high by global standards, and the corporate tax base is too narrow, owing to numerous credits, deductions, and special provisions Read more »