July 28. 2014

ACT Company Spotlight: Emerson and the U.S. Tax Code

Wall Street Journal: Why Corporate Inversions Are All the Rage July 28, 2014 By Walter Galvin Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden (D., Ore.) recently called the American tax code a "rotting mess of a carcass." The phrase captures how repugnant the current tax system has become—and perhaps most repugnant is the U.S. tax treatment of corporate income, especially from foreign Read more »

July 01. 2014

ACT Tax Facts: Fixing Our International Tax System Will Boost Economic Growth

The Labor Department data from January 2015 shows the U.S. employment is finally greater than pre-recession levels. However, as the working age population has increased at a faster rate than workers have been able to find jobs, almost 9 million workers remain unemployed and millions more are under-employed, working fewer hours than desired.  Over one-third of the employed have been out of the Read more »