March 18. 2015

Former Top Treasury Official Calls for Tax Reform at Senate Finance Committee Hearing

Yesterday, Pamela F. Olson, Assistant Treasury Secretary for tax policy from 2002 to 2004, testified before the Senate Finance Committee on the need for international corporate tax reform. In her testimony, she highlighted the outdated nature of the U.S. tax system and explained why reform is urgently needed: "In the absence of action by Congress to enact a more competitive US international tax Read more »

March 02. 2015

Laura Tyson: Competing on Corporate Tax

BERKELEY – Corporate tax reform has emerged as an area of potential bipartisan action in the United States Congress over the next few months. But fundamental questions about the right approach remain. There is widespread agreement that the US corporate tax system is deeply flawed. The rate is too high; the base is too narrow; it is costly to administer; and it is riddled with credits, Read more »