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June 07. 2013

ACT Economic Advisors: Jobs Numbers Highlight Need for Tax Reform

Washington, D.C. – Today, Doug Holtz-Eakin and Dr. Laura Tyson, the economic advisors to the Alliance for Competitive Taxation (ACT) issued a joint statement regarding the May employment report:

“Today’s employment report shows that, while we have made progress, there’s still more work to do to strengthen our economy and boost job creation—and part of that work should focus on reforming our nation’s broken tax system.  Leaders of both parties in Congress and the Administration have agreed on the need for tax reform. Bipartisan, comprehensive tax reform will create jobs, encourage businesses to invest in the U.S., and let American companies – large and small – compete in the global economy.”

Douglas Holtz-Eakin is a former Director of the Congressional Budget Office under President George W. Bush and current President of American Action Forum. Dr. Laura Tyson is the former Chair of President Bill Clinton’s Council of Economic Advisers and a current professor at the University of California, Berkeley.