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June 13. 2013

ACT Statement on Today’s Ways and Means Hearing on Tax Reform

Washington, D.C. – The Alliance for Competitive Taxation (ACT), a coalition of 42 leading American businesses that employ millions of American workers, issued the following statement regarding today’s House Ways and Means Committee hearing on tax reform:

“ACT welcomes the hearing today on an important issue to advancing tax reform. ACT supports comprehensive tax reform that lowers the corporate tax rate to 25%, gets rid of corporate tax breaks and preferences and establishes a modern hybrid international tax system. Our coalition believes that we can take the best ideas from the international tax systems across the globe and combine them with truly American reforms to enact a tax system that will protect our workers, protect our tax base, and help American businesses compete in the global marketplace. ACT believes that bipartisan, comprehensive tax reform will create jobs, increase growth, and help American companies – large and small – compete in today’s global economy.”