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June 04. 2013

ACT – What We Stand For

By: ACT Staff

Welcome to the Alliance for Competitive Taxation (ACT) website.  This website is a place to learn more about comprehensive tax reform and what it would mean for our economy and our nation’s workers and businesses.  ACT member companies believe it is time to modernize our tax system to encourage economic growth, spur job creation and let American businesses compete in today’s global economy.

ACT supports a globally competitive tax system that:

  • Reduces the top corporate tax rate to 25%;
    • Fully pays for a reduction in the corporate tax rate by ending corporate tax breaks and preferences;
  • Joins the international community by adopting a modern globally competitive tax system that puts American companies on a level global playing field; and
    • Fully pays for the cost of a globally competitive tax system through a balanced approach that protects the U.S. tax base.

We believe all revenues raised from corporate reform should be dedicated to achieving these objectives and that taxes should not be increased on small businesses to pay for corporate tax reform.

Check back regularly to see posts about the latest tax reform news, important new tax studies and learn how you can show your support for bipartisan, comprehensive tax reform.