August 06. 2013

Financial Times: Think-tank urges US to switch to ‘territorial’ tax system

By James Politi, 8/6/13 — US companies would repatriate as much as $1.6tn – or the bulk of the cash they have stashed overseas – if America overhauls the treatment of international earnings in a sweeping reform of the corporate tax code, a Republican-leaning think-tank said on Tuesday.

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June 26. 2013

Modernizing Corporate Taxation

By Laura Tyson, 6-26-13 — Paying for a rate cut by eliminating various corporate credits and deductions would simplify the code and trim the cost of compliance.

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June 05. 2013

Wall Street Journal: New Business Group ACT Pushes Tax Overhaul

By John D. McKinnon, 6/4/13 – A group of 42 U.S. companies is announcing a potentially powerful new coalition on Tuesday to push for a comprehensive tax overhaul. The group – representing a broad cross-section of both multinational and domestic-focused big businesses – could give a boost to the slow-moving effort on Capitol Hill.

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May 07. 2013

POLITICO: Dave Camp, Max Baucus dream of a new tax code

By Anna Palmer and Jake Sherman

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May 04. 2013

The Telegraph: Firms rush to relocate in low-tax Britain

By Kamal Ahmed & James Quinn

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April 01. 2013

THE HILL: Corporations: America’s had top corporate tax for one year

By Bernie Becker

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March 29. 2013

Project Syndicate Column: Why Give Corporations a Tax Break

By Laura Tyson

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