Who We Are

About ACT

Our Mission:

The Alliance for Competitive Taxation (ACT) believes a globally competitive U.S. tax system will promote U.S. jobs and investment and is vital to sustaining rising incomes for American families. ACT’s goals are to ensure the U.S. tax system is globally competitive and promotes U.S. economic growth.

Who We Are:

ACT is comprised of leading American businesses from a broad range of industries that employ millions of Americans who produce goods and services for customers around the world.

Our Principles:

We support a globally competitive U.S. tax system that:

  • Puts and keeps American companies on a level global playing field;
  • Maintains a globally competitive U.S. corporate tax rate; and
  • Provides simple and clear rules to facilitate fair and efficient tax administration.

Why a Globally Competitive Tax System Matters:

A competitive U.S. tax system is critical to:

  • Growing our economy;
  • Protecting and creating good American jobs;
  • Increasing U.S. wages;
  • Supporting domestic investment and innovation; and
  • Making the United States a premier location for the headquarters of global businesses.


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